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The Reichenbach Chronicles

Memoirs From The Vampire of LiveJournal

Dr. John Reichenbach, Ph.D.
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"...when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."-Friederich Wilhelm Nietzche, Thus Spake Zarathustra

Note: This journal details the fictitious exploits of a fictitious character. Vampires do not exist. So to all the way-too-involved types, stay the fuck away from my journal.

All writings are copyrighted (C)2005 by the author and are for entertainment purposes only. All commercial reproduction of the writings contained in this journal without prior written consent from the author are expressly prohibited. You were warned. Do not test my undead wrath or that of my soul-sucking attorney.

My name is Dr. John Reichenbach, Ph.D. I was born on Sept. 23, 1923. I was forced into my current state on June 17, 1955. I am currently in my eighties, though I appear to be in my early thirties. I'm 6'2", red hair, and blue eyes. I'm often impeccably dressed, though I'm not above wearing more practical garb if the situation demands it. I received twin Doctorates in Criminology and Psychology before being given the Black Communion by my bloodparent, Sophia di Lanfranco. I am a lifelong resident of a major Midwestern city, which I shall not divulge in this bio for security concerns. My preferred prey? Those mortals who are themselves predators of the innocent and defenseless. You see, I try to be more than a mere parasite. I try to make up for the crime of my undead existence by being something more...a symbiote. To wit: I am the evil that preys on other evils. This is my story. Enjoy.

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